Sony SRS-XV800 : The Bluetooth Speaker That Defies All Expectations

In a market where most portable Bluetooth speakers struggle to meet expectations, the Sony SRS-XV800 stands out as a true innovation. Designed to be the ultimate portable speaker, the high-end SRS-XV800 model from Sony promises the best sound quality, impressive features, and optimal design. After several months of testing at home under various conditions, here is my feedback on this speaker that does not go unnoticed.

Design and Portability

The SRS-XV800 is imposing: black, massive, and bulky. With dimensions of 32x70x38 cm, it compares to a bedside table and weighs heavily at 20 kg. Clearly, this is not the speaker you would take to impromptu picnics. Although it is equipped with small wheels and handles that facilitate its movement on flat surfaces, it remains difficult to transport, especially if you need to lift it.

Technical Characteristics
Once in place, the speaker reveals its full potential. The SRS-XV800 quickly pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth, and from the first press of ‘play’, it demonstrates its capabilities with 360° sound dispersion. Whether it’s used to liven up a party or as a daily sound system for your TV, the speaker impresses. The ‘TV audio boost’ mode is particularly effective, making dialogue and action scenes incredibly clear.
With five tweeters positioned at the front and back, and two X-Balanced speakers for the bass, the SRS-XV800 excels in reproducing powerful bass and precise highs, no matter the music tested. Additionally, it incorporates inputs for various devices, such as USBs and microphones, offering appreciable versatility.

Battery Life and Features

Battery life is another strong point of the speaker. A full charge provides about 25 hours of listening, and a quick ten-minute charge yields three hours of music. The speaker can also serve as a charger for smartphones, allowing you to keep your phone charged without interrupting the music.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the SRS-XV800 is spectacular. Every music genre, from the vibrant bass line to the rhythmic complexity, is rendered with exceptional clarity and power. The speaker also manages different volume levels very well, although in home use, it is often not necessary to turn the volume up to the maximum.

So, what’s the verdict on this speaker?

Priced at €567, the Sony SRS-XV800 is a bit more expensive than the average portable Bluetooth speakers, but it justifies its price with quality and features far more sophisticated than the competition. Ideal for large home parties, this speaker can play clear and powerful music in a variety of genres at high volumes, while having enough battery life to last all day.
The only real drawback remains its limited portability due to its weight and bulk. But for those looking for a speaker capable of fulfilling all these functions and more, the Sony SRS-XV800 might just be the Holy Grail of portable speakers.

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