Celebrating 40 Years of Nu Skin: A Journey of Science and Well-being

Nu Skin marks its 40th anniversary this year, reflecting on a journey that began with a scientific vision shared by its three American founders, Sandie N. Tillotson, Blake Roney, and Steven J. Lundt. Starting from Provo, Utah, the company has grown into a global enterprise with a unique approach to skincare, anti-aging, and nutrition products.


From its inception, Nu Skin set itself apart by focusing on high-quality, scientifically developed products distributed through an international network of brand affiliates. This model has allowed Nu Skin to maintain a leading position in the direct sales industry.

Key to Nu Skin’s success is its commitment to scientific excellence and innovation. The company invests heavily in research and development, with over 75 scientists working across two main research centers in the United States and Asia. This dedication ensures that Nu Skin remains at the forefront of beauty and wellness technology.

Nu Skin’s impact extends beyond its products. The company empowers thousands of women worldwide, offering them the opportunity to engage in flexible and rewarding careers. Through its EmpowerMe initiative, Nu Skin provides support and training, helping these entrepreneurs achieve personal and professional growth.

Financially, Nu Skin reported approximately $2 billion in revenue for 2023, with 55 million products sold globally. The company operates in around 50 markets, employing 3,600 people and serving over a million customers.

Nu Skin is also a leader in sustainability. The company aims to make all its packaging recycled or recyclable, reusable, or renewable by 2030. It has already made significant strides, including reducing its plastic use by over 82 tons and saving 23 tons of paper through packaging optimizations.

Humanitarian efforts are a core part of Nu Skin’s identity. The Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation has donated millions to improve education, healthcare, disaster relief, and economic development in over 40 countries. The Nourish the Children initiative has distributed 800 million meals to malnourished children globally.

Nu Skin’s product lines, including Nutricentials, ageLOC, and Pharmanex, combine the best of science and nature to deliver visible benefits for skin and overall wellness. Their innovative devices, supported by the Nu Skin Vera app, offer personalized and effective skincare routines.

As Nu Skin celebrates this milestone, it continues to look forward, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a strong network of affiliates to advance its mission of enhancing beauty and well-being worldwide.


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